Learn Sailing in San Diego

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Learn Sailing in San Diego

Reasons to Learn Sailing in San Diego!

sailingConsidering taking up sailing? Well, there are many reasons why you should learn how to sail. Sailing is an invigorating sport that offers many rewards, not the least of which is that it’s simply so much fun. Imagine white sails billowing against a clear sky, the brisk feel of the breeze on your face, and the gentle motions of the boat as it cleanly slices through the water. Sailing aficionados often say that sailing is more than a sport—it’s a lifestyle.

While sailing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, it also requires you to be an active participant more than almost any other type of boating. When you learn how to sail, you’ll not only become intimately familiar with all aspects of your boat, but also how your boat relates to its environment in terms of everything from the wind to the weather. This is why learning how to sail can be so fulfilling and can foster such a sense of accomplishment.

It practically goes without saying that the active nature of sailing means that it can be terrific exercise for both you and any passengers who are inclined to help out. While sailing is an active endeavor that can involve its share of physical work, it can also be an incredibly relaxing pastime as well. Sailboats can be a terrific space for onboard entertaining, whether it’s enjoying a light lunch or simply passing the time with family and friends.

Learning how to sail doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you invest in a simple sailing course and start out learning on a small sailboat. One of the first things we’d recommend is for anyone looking to learn how to sail is that that they check out beginner sailing schools in their area.

Learn how to sail, and let’s go sailing today!

Captains Special

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This Months Captains Special

sailing san diego bayBook a Reservation For FOUR to SIX People
and Save 10% with our Captain’s Special!

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Sail Masquerade – Experience The Best Sailing Charter in San Diego

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sailing san diego bayDiscover the magic of the sea aboard one of the last great racing yachts in San Diego!

This classic racing yacht located in San Diego will transport you and your closest friends or family to true romance and adventure on the sea.

Imagine yourself sailing on beautiful San Diego Bay or around Point Loma as you begin your ocean adventure aboard this classic 37 foot, racing yacht.

Completely restored, Masquerade is a sleek and comfortable yacht She will provide you a uniquely smooth and enjoyable sail, as she is solidly crafted and built for speed, but updated with the latest in modern conveniences.

You’ll be immediately struck by Masquerades beautiful teak interior and traditional yacht lines illustrating the fine craftsmanship of world class racing yacht building.

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime sailing around the waters of San Diego

Masquerade recently completed a complete interior cosmetic refit to ensure her yacht passengers can relax in comfort and style while showing off all of her original craftsmanship and beauty just the way she was when she first sailed in 1973.

We welcome you aboard. Please join us as we explore San Diego Bay, the beautiful Pacific Ocean coastlines of Southern California and beyond!

Masquerade offers a variety of sailing adventures such as:
Corporate Charters
Private Charters
Public Charters
Memorials at Sea
Sunset/Champagne Cruises
Whale Watching Tours

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San Diego Couples Cruises

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sailing booze cruisesWant to enjoy a private couple’s cruise in San Diego? Sailing  San Diego Bay.com now offers private couple’s sunset cruises, dinner cruises, picnic cruises, and cocktail cruises at a special lower rate.

Our daily cruises depart from San Diego. The couple’s cruise includes a friendly, experienced Captain, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost, running out of fuel, or spending your time trying to navigate around the bay. Just relax, and enjoy your cruise! You’ll see abundant wildlife,  including dolphins, seals, and sea lions playing near the boat, amazing views of downtown, and plenty of time to hang out. Our beautiful 37 foot racing yacht provides a safe, comfortable ride, and has a restroom and kitchenette on board.

Sailing  San Diego Bay Couples Cruises Couples Cruise is the perfect fit for carefree partners looking for fun and an exciting day of sailing, ideal for adventurous couples who want to explore San Diego from the water. We have introduced  couples to some of the BEST sailing cruises in San Diego.

We welcome all types of couples to our cruises, from couples interested in anniversaries, to first dates, to couples that just want to head off shore and relax in the sun. The experiences you share are ultimately about you and your partner and exploring new horizons together. Our couples cruises can bring new life to your relationship with your spouse while allowing you to be yourself.

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Sunset Sailing Charters

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sunset sailing cruisesSan Diego Bay is beautiful at night and we offer both dusk and night charters on the bay. These night charters are a perfect venue for both business functions as well as personal events. A night charter will create lasting memories of peaceful water and beautiful city lights which will be remembered for years to come. The lights of the city are truly fabulous at night. Night

These peaceful charters will slowly cruise many areas of the bay, some areas which may be visited are La Playa (also know as America’s cup Harbor), Shelter Island, Harbor Island, downtown San Diego and Glorietta Bay.

Anchoring for a short period to watch the boats come and go is also possible.

Evening and night charters are often catered, so let us know if you are interested in this. If you like something special please let us know at the time of booking and we will be happy to customize the charter for you.

Evening and night charters are operated throughout the year, but starting and ending times vary depending on the season.


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San Diego Sailing Charters

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downtownThere are many points of interest on San Diego Bay and during your charter we will do our best to cover many of them – this area is very rich in history and sightseeing information. The Light House is open for visitors and the area provides an incredible view of San Diego Bay.Star of India

Toward the end of Point Loma is Fort Rosecrans, a national cemetery, where over 91,000 soldiers are buried. You will be able to see the white crosses from the yacht. Other tour highlights are the submarine base, Star of India, nuclear aircraft carriers, North Island Air Station, downtown San Diego, Coronado bridge as well as other attractions.As we sail past Ballast Point, you will see the giant boulders once used as ballast to both Chinese fishing villages as well as a whaling station.

There are generally dozens of various types of boats on San Diego Bay (sailboats, kayaks, military boats and tugs) to name only a few. It is common to view aircraft carriers as well as submarines coming and leaving the bay. There will also be lots of wildlife (sea lions, seals, birds etc) and we will be able to get very close, so bring your camera as you are sure to get some great pictures. The picture is of the Star of India , an icon on the San Diego waterfront

This charter can be customized to accommodate your wishes and could even include a short anchoring, so you can just sit back and watch the world go by. Let us know your wishes, we will be happy to customize the charter for you.

Remember you are reserving the entire yacht, so you have complete flexibility in what you are able to do.

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Team Building Sailing Programs

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team buildingWe offer a robust team building sailing program that organizations use for many purposes; as rewards; to build camaraderie among new or changing teams; to learn new skills and insights for achieving better results in their organizations. Sailing is rich with business client button parallels. It is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and solid leadership.

“The Pacifica Sailing Charters Team Challenge” is a 3-hour team-building sailing regatta which creates a unique opportunity for a company to enhance the team spirit of a select group of participants.

We split up groups into smaller teams of six sailors per yacht. Along with our US Coast Guard Licensed Skipper/ Team Building leader and crewman, we guide and instruct all participants in the rudiments of sailing as they practice in a fun, teambuilding sailing race.

The participants can use their new skills in the challenge of competition and working together as a cooperating team. All yachts involved use the team work needed to sail and win the race.

The sail in not over strenuous for any of the participants. Participants should be in average health conditions to compete.


Ranger 37 Challenge – One Boat (6-8 persons)
Includes Captain, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Team T-Shirts and Photographer
Cost: $1,800

Schock 35 Challenge – Two Boats (8-12 persons)
Includes Captain, Crewman, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Team T-Shirts and Photographer
Cost: $2,400

Schock 35 Challenge – Three Boats (Up to 18 persons)
Includes Captain, Crewman, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Team T-Shirts and Photographer
Cost: $2,800

Americas Cup Challenge – Dennis Connor’s 82’ Americas Cup Race Yacht (Up To 24 persons)
Includes Captain, Crew, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Team T-Shirts and Photographer
Cost: $3,600


The results of Team Challenge can build confidence, leadership, trust, and teamwork. (Our Team Challenges can accommodate up to 24 people depending on what package you choose – For detailed information, please read below.

Our fleet is based in San Diego. Our Captains are seasoned racing captains and are competitive and professional.
The cost includes the Yacht, a USCG Captain / Team Building leader and one crewman.

We developed with the “Team Challenge” sailing program which parallels concepts in similar corporate development programs such as the “Ropes Course.”

We take large groups of people that work for the same company and bring them together in a different environment: A Sailboat. We proceed to have them participate in a group sailing race that is fun but can get competitive and challenging, similar to their outside work environment.

One of the goals we are trying to accomplish is to sail the yacht as a team, working with your colleagues on building a network together.


team buildingTeam Building Sailing EventIn most companies today there are many diverse, ethnic individuals or different levels of management. Our “Team Challenge” brings everyone together on our sailboats as an equal in their team.

The United States is beginning to follow other countries’ success by following their group problem solving and teamwork skills. For a long time in the U.S. everyone seemed to be striving for their own personal success, working independently. However, when you combine that group strategy, the success results will be obvious. This is another point we hope our Team Challenge companies walk away with in our program.


Sailing requires a cooperative team, like a successful business, with crew members working together to develop a productive, efficient, and an interactive result. Whether offered as a reward to successful veterans or an incentive for increased productivity among aspiring staff, or as a catalyst for “breaking the ice” for newly formed teams, our “Team Challenge” offers an enjoyable, effective, and safe means towards your goals.


team buildingWe proceed to split a large group up into small groups of six. Conceivably we can accommodate 18-24 people with three yachts and skippers. Our Skippers are USCG Licensed and have qualities of unsurpassed communication skills, patience, and the ability to diplomatically instruct the sailing group to sail the yacht as a true working team.
Each skipper will take their group onboard the sailing yacht and cover safety gear and basic boat parts and simple functions before departure to the bay. Once out sailing he will rotate each person in a sailing role and let the crew actually race the boats.

At a designated time, our chase boat will blow a horn to signal a 5 minute warning before the start of the Team building race. All boats cross the starting line with enthusiasm and vigor. We understand that some people have never been on a boat in their lives, and that’s fine. The event is designed with the total newbie in mind.

What’s great about this program is that six people have to work together to make the boat move. Each person is a contributing factor to the equation of doing their best to make the boat win. Participants can learn more about their other working mates. Who takes over in a stressful situation? Are those that have the sailing knowledge willing to teach the others so that the entire boat can sail more effectively, or do they need to show off their skills and try to single hand the entire boat themselves?


As you will see from the testimonials below, the Pacifica Sailing Charters Team Challenge Events are a powerful catalyst for positive change and accelerated learning. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific needs. Our consultants and planners will be able to focus our resources on your goals. Includes food and beverages, Team Shirts, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Video and Photographs.


“I was looking for a unique team building experience for our team and Mick delivered.
I went onto the boat not knowing a single thing about sailing. By the end of it I was managing
the head sail and tacking…it was a great learning experience. Mick did a great job of giving us
directions and organizing the event. He also provided a nice lunch and was able to customize it
based on dietary concerns. Everyone on staff was easygoing and great to talk to. I hope that we
can do another event with these guys sometime in the future.”
Osman U.
Ashburn, VA

“Three things are needed to deliver an over the top Team-Building event:
1. A dynamic presenter who knows team building.
2. An activity that can only be accomplished with team work.
3. Life changing lessons.

Mick Moore of Pacifica Sailing Charters has redefined the way these three principles impact performance.
I signed up my team for an “excursion” on Mick’s sailboat. He exceeded my expectations.
The excitement level was huge as we were sailing out into the Pacific Ocean.
Mick’s way of holding every job on the boat at a high level encouraged participation and warranted team work.
In life not everything goes according to plan and on the sailboat we got to experience having to work together
and NOT blame each other when things didn’t go as planned. Those lessons are priceless.

I recommend Mick Moore and Pacifica Sailing Charters of San Diego without the slightest bit of reservation.

Dan Boe
The Selling Shop”


The Pacifica Sailing Charter Team Challenge is a unique, adventurous, sailing program for groups of people that work together. It is an excellent verification of the power that lies in cooperation, communication, confidence, and leadership for the effective and efficient execution of a sailing challenge.

With the Pacifica Sailing Charter Team Challenge training program, small teams of six sailors per boat can experience aspects of self-confidence, leadership, trust, and teamwork. Sailors will expose the potential to excel in a truly cooperative effort and share in a unique comradery that they may not normally undergo in their usual work environment.

Feel free to contact us to discuss more of the details to arrange the “Team Building Challenge” sailing activity for your company.

Live To Sail
Mick Moore
Pacifica Sailing Charters
USCG Master 50 GT Lic# 3511036
(619) 887-5443

Mick Moore - Owner Masquerade - team building










Call Sailing San Diego Bay Today For Your Team Building Sailing Event.

Sunset Sailing Cruises

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sunset sailing cruisesEnjoy a beautiful sunset cruise with sailing san diego bay.com. Climb aboard and capture the romance of the sun setting into the Bay with a cool breezes and breathtaking views. Enjoy the beauty of the San Diego skyline with your friends or that special someone as the sun dips into the sea  while on this private sunset sail.

Our captain will take you around the Bay where you will see many of San Diego’s finest attractions. Sit back and enjoy  a cool glass of champagne or your favorite wine and sail into the sunset. We guarantee your sailing trip will be a fun and memorable. Take this opportunity to look for dolphins and other sea wild life, pour a glass of champagne and  take in the sights, or snuggle up at the spacious settee down below in the cabin. The cabin also has bathroom and berth. Plenty of space for a relaxing sail.

The three hour private cruise sails San Diego Bay gives you a great view of the Downtown skyline, Navy ships, and wild life. If a romantic evening is your plan, add wine glasses and an ice bucket for that extra special touch.

Prices start at $120 per person, includes food and beverage

Advanced Purchase Required

Cruises Sell out Quickly

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Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

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bachelore / bachelorette sailing partiesThe Bachelor/Bachelorette parties we offer are 100% customizable. click the “Book Now” button and we’ll help you customize it.

We have Bachelor/Bachelorette party ideas that don’t ROCK. You get the coolest skippers that will keep smiles on your face and beer in your glass. Don’t try and do this yourself. Check out our list of bachelor parties and get ready for a night you won’t forget.

Bar hop by boat to dockside bars throughout the bay. Tear up the bar and then sail away before anyone’s figured out what happened. Maybe you just want to relax and reminisce with your closest friends about your past and future life.

The best thing about a Bachelor/Bachelorette party on a boat is the privacy. No one will overhear your conversations, see your actions, or interrupt your party. There is no place on earth as private or as classy as one of our sailboat on San Diego Bay. After the sail the party doesn’t have to end, it’s only a few blocks from our dock with endless restaurants, bars, and clubs for all your San Diego Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

We are the most flexible and accommodating sailing charter service in San Diego. If you’re not familiar with the Bay or San San Diego then simply give us a call and we’ll help you plan an unforgettable bachelor party today.

Contact Us To Set Up Your Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Today! (619) 887-5443

Sailing In San Diego

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sailing san diego baySailing San Diego Bay is a fine way to spend an afternoon. Whether you want to go on an exciting adventure where you take the wheel, or if you just prefer to stretch out in the San Diego sunshine with a trusty skipper at the helm, Sailing San Diego Bay.com has the perfect sailing experience for you. There’s plenty of room to explore and everyone gets a chance at the wheel if they feel adventurous.

Sailing San Diego.com features a classic restored 1973 Ranger 37 named Masquerade. This 37′ yacht was known as “The Rocket” back in her day due to her lightening speed and innovative hull design. Much heavier than traditional boats today, Masquerade will provide a steady, smooth sail no matter what the conditions. While sailing on San Diego bay, enjoy breathtaking views of downtown, the naval base, the latest aircraft carriers, destroyers, and submarines.

If you want to leave the harbor, you can head past the tip of Point Loma toward the Coronado Islands . View the massive kelp beds, which lie due south of the Point Loma lighthouse. Enjoy sailing year-round here, although in the winter and spring months, you’ll want to bring a jacket or sweater.

For the most elegant sailing experience, whether it’s a yacht charter or corporate event or special occasion, visit Sailing San Diego Bay.com

Prices start at $80 per person and this includes a three hour tour of san diego bay, food and beverages.

Advanced Purchase Required

Cruises Sell out Quickly

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