Sailing with Sea Lions

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sailing with sea lions in san diegoSea lions are found in staggering numbers all over san diego. You can find them sunning on the buoys and along the docks all around san diego bay.

Leave the zoos and aquariums behind, and see Seals and Sea Lions in their natural habitat! On our daily Seal and Sea Lion adventure tour from San Diego Bay, you’ll have a chance to see whales, dolphins, sea lions and birds of all kinds in their natural environment. Cruise alongside them from the comfort of a stable sailboat, and even take the helm yourself for a Seal and Sea Lions experience you will never forget!

The sea lions are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, but we can get within 10′ feet or so as we sail past the crowded buoys were they all congregate. The sea lions are extremely social, and don’t seem to mind a bit as we sail past them. Better have your camera ready, cause we get really close..

California sea lions are just one of many several marine mammals we will see while sailing on san diego bay. Sea lions are characterized by the presence of external ear (pinnae or flaps) and long front flippers.  This is one easy way to distinguish between sea lions and seals, since seals do not have ear flaps. They tend to look quite similar to a doberman that has just taken a bath.

The sea lions also communicate on land, not in the water!  Sea lions can be heard barking on the bait docks and buoys as they play and jump around the boat.

Check out sea lions while sailing with sailing san diego!

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