Sailing with Dolphins in San Diego

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sailing with dolphins in san diegoIf you love Dolphins, then sailing san diego has the dolphin adventure for you. Imagine weather in upper 70′s to low 80′s on any particular sunny San Diego afternoon. San Diego’s weather is hard to beat anytime  of year.

Leave the zoos and aquariums behind, and see dolphins in their natural habitat! On our daily dolphin adventure tour from San Diego Bay, you’ll have a chance to see whales, dolphins, sea lions and birds of all kinds in their natural environment. Cruise alongside them from the comfort of a stable sailboat, and even take the helm yourself for a dolphin experience you will never forget!

You will come across a pod of dolphins numbering in the hundreds. The babies will be leaping and jumping out of the water and just having a worry free afternoon of fun. Even the larger adult Dolphins will occasionally launch sky ward, landing with a huge splash on the horizon.

As we sail through the pods cruising area, several younger dolphins swim alongside the boat Cris-crossing the bow and staying just ahead of us as to not hit. You’ll be in shear amazement as they continued to play with us, diving and surfacing only inches out arms length as if they were saying “Can’t Catch Me”… It truly will be a day your family will not soon forget.

Tap on the hull of the boat, and within seconds, more young Dolphins will appear until we have around a dozen or so swimming on either side of the boat. As soon as they appear, they will swim in and out of our path, only to shoot along side us underwater looking up at us with those trusting, playful eyes.

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The video below is several minutes of the younger Dolphins
laying with us during a warm January afternoon… Enjoy!

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