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This Months Captains Special

sailing san diego bayBook a Reservation For FOUR to SIX People
and Save 10% with our Captain’s Special!

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Sail Masquerade – Experience The Best Sailing Charter in San Diego

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sailing san diego bayDiscover the magic of the sea aboard one of the last great racing yachts in San Diego!

This classic racing yacht located in San Diego will transport you and your closest friends or family to true romance and adventure on the sea.

Imagine yourself sailing on beautiful San Diego Bay or around Point Loma as you begin your ocean adventure aboard this classic 37 foot, racing yacht.

Completely restored, Masquerade is a sleek and comfortable yacht She will provide you a uniquely smooth and enjoyable sail, as she is solidly crafted and built for speed, but updated with the latest in modern conveniences.

You’ll be immediately struck by Masquerades beautiful teak interior and traditional yacht lines illustrating the fine craftsmanship of world class racing yacht building.

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime sailing around the waters of San Diego

Masquerade recently completed a complete interior cosmetic refit to ensure her yacht passengers can relax in comfort and style while showing off all of her original craftsmanship and beauty just the way she was when she first sailed in 1973.

We welcome you aboard. Please join us as we explore San Diego Bay, the beautiful Pacific Ocean coastlines of Southern California and beyond!

Masquerade offers a variety of sailing adventures such as:
Corporate Charters
Private Charters
Public Charters
Memorials at Sea
Sunset/Champagne Cruises
Whale Watching Tours

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San Diego Couples Cruises

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sailing booze cruisesWant to enjoy a private couple’s cruise in San Diego? Sailing  San Diego now offers private couple’s sunset cruises, dinner cruises, picnic cruises, and cocktail cruises at a special lower rate.

Our daily cruises depart from San Diego. The couple’s cruise includes a friendly, experienced Captain, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost, running out of fuel, or spending your time trying to navigate around the bay. Just relax, and enjoy your cruise! You’ll see abundant wildlife,  including dolphins, seals, and sea lions playing near the boat, amazing views of downtown, and plenty of time to hang out. Our beautiful 37 foot racing yacht provides a safe, comfortable ride, and has a restroom and kitchenette on board.

Sailing  San Diego Bay Couples Cruises Couples Cruise is the perfect fit for carefree partners looking for fun and an exciting day of sailing, ideal for adventurous couples who want to explore San Diego from the water. We have introduced  couples to some of the BEST sailing cruises in San Diego.

We welcome all types of couples to our cruises, from couples interested in anniversaries, to first dates, to couples that just want to head off shore and relax in the sun. The experiences you share are ultimately about you and your partner and exploring new horizons together. Our couples cruises can bring new life to your relationship with your spouse while allowing you to be yourself.

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San Diego Sailing Charters

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hot rum race series san diegoExperience the best Sailing experience on beautiful San Diego Bay and beyond with Sailing San Diego Our legendary sunset sails and relaxing afternoon Bay cruises are the perfect way to see the breathtaking San Diego skyline and local coastline.

Combine the romance of the boat with the adventure of the sea – Sail with Sailing San Diego today.

Whether you’re looking for romantic things to do in San Diego, or you’re a family seeking a unique way to see San Diego, sailing on our restored 37′ racing yacht is something you’ll never forget. Sail around the San Diego bay, where whales, dolphins and sea lions join us as we Sip California wines and let the warm Ocean breezes blow through your hair.

Sailing San Diego – join us daily for sunset sails or day cruises, or for special events like the multi day Adventure Cruise. We can’t wait to see you on the Boat!

We strive to make your sail on MASQUERADE a pleasant and enjoyable experience. If you have ANY questions please feel free to call us. (619) 887-5443

Day Sail

Thank you for choosing to sail with Sailing San Diego The Following is a list of items that will make your trip more enjoyable.

1. HAT (To keep the sun off of you face)
2. LIGHT JACKET OR SWEATSHIRT (Depending on the time of year it can be chilly on the water)
3. SUN SCREEN OR SUNBLOCK ( During the summer months the sun can reflect off the water and give you a substantial burn)
4. TENNIS SHOES (Any non marking soles would be appreciated, and they will grip better for keeping a good footing while underway)
5. MOTION SICKNESS MEDICATION ( If you have problems with motion sickness try Bonnine or Dramamine. Please take an hour in advance.
6. SUN GLASSES (It is bright out on the water even when it is not sunny)
7. FOOD & BEVERAGES (Depending on the time of day you may want to bring your favorite beverage to drink or a sack lunch
8. SHORTS OR COOL CLOTHING (In the warmer months it can be warm out on the wate
9. CAMERA  (We are guaranteed to see plenty of sea life and I will be happy to take pictures of you and your family on MASQUERADE)
10. iPod or iPhone ( Our stereo is iPod / iPhone compatible for your listening enjoyment

The above list will make your sailing a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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Team Building Sailing Programs

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team buildingWe offer a robust team building sailing program that organizations use for many purposes; as rewards; to build camaraderie among new or changing teams; to learn new skills and insights for achieving better results in their organizations. Sailing is rich with business client button parallels. It is an activity that succeeds with teamwork, communication, on-the-spot problem solving and solid leadership.

“The Pacifica Sailing Charters Team Challenge” is a 3-hour team-building sailing regatta which creates a unique opportunity for a company to enhance the team spirit of a select group of participants.

We split up groups into smaller teams of six sailors per yacht. Along with our US Coast Guard Licensed Skipper/ Team Building leader and crewman, we guide and instruct all participants in the rudiments of sailing as they practice in a fun, teambuilding sailing race.

The participants can use their new skills in the challenge of competition and working together as a cooperating team. All yachts involved use the team work needed to sail and win the race.

The sail in not over strenuous for any of the participants. Participants should be in average health conditions to compete.


Ranger 37 Challenge – One Boat (6-8 persons)
Includes Captain, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Team T-Shirts and Photographer
Cost: $1,800

Schock 35 Challenge – Two Boats (8-12 persons)
Includes Captain, Crewman, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Team T-Shirts and Photographer
Cost: $2,400

Schock 35 Challenge – Three Boats (Up to 18 persons)
Includes Captain, Crewman, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Team T-Shirts and Photographer
Cost: $2,800

Americas Cup Challenge – Dennis Connor’s 82’ Americas Cup Race Yacht (Up To 24 persons)
Includes Captain, Crew, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Team T-Shirts and Photographer
Cost: $3,600


The results of Team Challenge can build confidence, leadership, trust, and teamwork. (Our Team Challenges can accommodate up to 24 people depending on what package you choose – For detailed information, please read below.

Our fleet is based in San Diego. Our Captains are seasoned racing captains and are competitive and professional.
The cost includes the Yacht, a USCG Captain / Team Building leader and one crewman.

We developed with the “Team Challenge” sailing program which parallels concepts in similar corporate development programs such as the “Ropes Course.”

We take large groups of people that work for the same company and bring them together in a different environment: A Sailboat. We proceed to have them participate in a group sailing race that is fun but can get competitive and challenging, similar to their outside work environment.

One of the goals we are trying to accomplish is to sail the yacht as a team, working with your colleagues on building a network together.


team buildingTeam Building Sailing EventIn most companies today there are many diverse, ethnic individuals or different levels of management. Our “Team Challenge” brings everyone together on our sailboats as an equal in their team.

The United States is beginning to follow other countries’ success by following their group problem solving and teamwork skills. For a long time in the U.S. everyone seemed to be striving for their own personal success, working independently. However, when you combine that group strategy, the success results will be obvious. This is another point we hope our Team Challenge companies walk away with in our program.


Sailing requires a cooperative team, like a successful business, with crew members working together to develop a productive, efficient, and an interactive result. Whether offered as a reward to successful veterans or an incentive for increased productivity among aspiring staff, or as a catalyst for “breaking the ice” for newly formed teams, our “Team Challenge” offers an enjoyable, effective, and safe means towards your goals.


team buildingWe proceed to split a large group up into small groups of six. Conceivably we can accommodate 18-24 people with three yachts and skippers. Our Skippers are USCG Licensed and have qualities of unsurpassed communication skills, patience, and the ability to diplomatically instruct the sailing group to sail the yacht as a true working team.
Each skipper will take their group onboard the sailing yacht and cover safety gear and basic boat parts and simple functions before departure to the bay. Once out sailing he will rotate each person in a sailing role and let the crew actually race the boats.

At a designated time, our chase boat will blow a horn to signal a 5 minute warning before the start of the Team building race. All boats cross the starting line with enthusiasm and vigor. We understand that some people have never been on a boat in their lives, and that’s fine. The event is designed with the total newbie in mind.

What’s great about this program is that six people have to work together to make the boat move. Each person is a contributing factor to the equation of doing their best to make the boat win. Participants can learn more about their other working mates. Who takes over in a stressful situation? Are those that have the sailing knowledge willing to teach the others so that the entire boat can sail more effectively, or do they need to show off their skills and try to single hand the entire boat themselves?


As you will see from the testimonials below, the Pacifica Sailing Charters Team Challenge Events are a powerful catalyst for positive change and accelerated learning. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific needs. Our consultants and planners will be able to focus our resources on your goals. Includes food and beverages, Team Shirts, Breakfast, Catered Lunch, Video and Photographs.


“I was looking for a unique team building experience for our team and Mick delivered.
I went onto the boat not knowing a single thing about sailing. By the end of it I was managing
the head sail and tacking…it was a great learning experience. Mick did a great job of giving us
directions and organizing the event. He also provided a nice lunch and was able to customize it
based on dietary concerns. Everyone on staff was easygoing and great to talk to. I hope that we
can do another event with these guys sometime in the future.”
Osman U.
Ashburn, VA

“Three things are needed to deliver an over the top Team-Building event:
1. A dynamic presenter who knows team building.
2. An activity that can only be accomplished with team work.
3. Life changing lessons.

Mick Moore of Pacifica Sailing Charters has redefined the way these three principles impact performance.
I signed up my team for an “excursion” on Mick’s sailboat. He exceeded my expectations.
The excitement level was huge as we were sailing out into the Pacific Ocean.
Mick’s way of holding every job on the boat at a high level encouraged participation and warranted team work.
In life not everything goes according to plan and on the sailboat we got to experience having to work together
and NOT blame each other when things didn’t go as planned. Those lessons are priceless.

I recommend Mick Moore and Pacifica Sailing Charters of San Diego without the slightest bit of reservation.

Dan Boe
The Selling Shop”


The Pacifica Sailing Charter Team Challenge is a unique, adventurous, sailing program for groups of people that work together. It is an excellent verification of the power that lies in cooperation, communication, confidence, and leadership for the effective and efficient execution of a sailing challenge.

With the Pacifica Sailing Charter Team Challenge training program, small teams of six sailors per boat can experience aspects of self-confidence, leadership, trust, and teamwork. Sailors will expose the potential to excel in a truly cooperative effort and share in a unique comradery that they may not normally undergo in their usual work environment.

Feel free to contact us to discuss more of the details to arrange the “Team Building Challenge” sailing activity for your company.

Live To Sail
Mick Moore
Pacifica Sailing Charters
USCG Master 50 GT Lic# 3511036
(619) 887-5443

Mick Moore - Owner Masquerade - team building










Call Sailing San Diego Bay Today For Your Team Building Sailing Event.

San Diego Dinner Cruises

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san diego dinner cruisesSailing San Diego Bay Dinner Cruises are the perfect way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any special evening for parties of 2 to 10 guests. Aboard our dinner cruise you’ll enjoy delicious food, great music and breathtaking bay views. Tax and gratuity are included in the price of this cruise.

The journey begins the moment you come aboard. Start with cocktails on deck, then relax as our gracious crew transports you to a world of ease and luxury. Beach casual is recommended. We request no black soled shoes or flip-flops.

A sample menu is listed below for the San Diego Dinner Cruise:

Continental Breakfast ($10.00 per person- minimum 6 people)
* Muffins and Breakfast Breads Or Bagels and Cream Cheese
* Fresh Fruit
* Coffee, Orange and Cranberry Juices

Assorted Sandwich Lunch ($14.00 per person- minimum 6 people)
*Tuna Deluxe –  Albacore Tuna, Avocado, Sprouts, Lettuce,  Tomato, Cheese, Saracha Sauce, Artisan Bread
*Turkey Club – Roasted Turkey, Avocado, Bacon, Sprouts, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheese, Artisan Bread
*All Veggie- Purple Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Red Bell Pepper, Lettuce, Tomato, Sprouts, Avocado, Cheese, served with a basil vinaigrette dressing
*Assorted Chips & Cookies
*Assorted Beverages

Afternoon Hors D’oeuvres ($15.00 per person- minimum 6 people) Your Choice of one of the following
*Shrimp and Pork Spring Rolls
*Grilled Chicken Spring Rolls
*Vegetarian Spring Rolls

1 week advance notice required to reserve catering
Pre-payment is required: cash, check, Visa or MasterCard
Contact Mick Moore at or call (619) 887-5443
Complimentary water and snacks provided with catering packages  – Beer and wine are available for an additional fee.
Prices subject to change without notice.


Please note this is a sample menu and subject to change.
Menus are changed seasonally.

Vegetarian options are available.
If you are interested in Vegetarian options please let it be known at the time of booking.

Advanced Purchase Required

Cruises Sell out Quickly

Check Availability and Buy Tickets Online


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Sail To The Coronado Islands

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coronado islands

The Coronados consist of four islands that are about 15 miles southwest of San Diego and about 8 miles northwest of Tijuana. While people make the short trek for fishing, diving and sailing, the Coronado Islands are actually a Mexican wildlife refuge and humans are not allowed on the land of these islands. However, there are a few interesting exceptions to that rule.

Once upon a time back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, there was an area called Smuggler’s Cove. America was struggling with Prohibition and this little place, just a stone’s throw from the United States, was a perfect haunt for boozers and smugglers. Where there’s booze, gambling follows and up from the cold Pacific waters rose a two-story casino in 1933. The area was later renamed Casino Cove. The casino action even attracted the Hollywood partiers such as Charlie Chaplin and Mae West. The heyday of this hell raising hamlet was silenced by the Great Depression. In 1935, Mexico put the kibosh on casino gambling. What remains of this beacon of bombastic activity is the concrete it stood upon and the old steps leading to the brothels that bemused suitors above the casino.

The islands offer many interesting visuals including the wildlife that are not typically seen on land surrounded by water. There are rabbits and mice. Go figure. Where there is an absence of humans on these island shores, there is an abundance of animal life on and around the islands. On any given day, you can spot whales, brown pelicans, cormorants, oyster catchers, brown and blue-footed boobies (go ahead and laugh), sea lions, otters, seals. and elephant seals (on the Middle Island.) Flipper and hundreds of his friends frolic in the waters close to the northern most island. Even burros can be seen out there. Yes, burros. Who knew?

Depending on the winds, the trip can feel longer than the three hours it takes to reach the northern most island. The ocean becomes bluer and the dolphins become more plentiful as we draw closer to them. The Coronado Islands sit just off the coast of Tijuana Mexico and San Diego. To get a good look at them though, plan on making this an all day trip. You don’t have to wait, simply book a trip today and you may even catch a glimpse of the mysterious blue-footed boobies that call the island home.

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Whale Watching

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Whale watching charters in San Diego are available for several months of the year. The type of whale we will see depends on the time of year.

Leave the zoos and aquariums behind, and see whales in their natural habitat! On our daily whale adventure tour from San Diego Bay, you’ll have a chance to see whales, dolphins, sea lions and birds of all kinds in their natural environment. Cruise alongside them from the comfort of a stable sailboat, and even take the helm yourself for a whale experience you will never forget!

Gray Whale watching is from Dec through March when the Gray whales are migrating past San Diego.

Blue whale watching is available from mid June to mid September. We generally have to go closer to the Coronado Islands or the Nine Mile Bank area to have a chance to see them.

Each year thousands of California Gray Whales make the long trek from their feeding grounds in the nutrient rich arctic waters to caving grounds in Baja, Mexico.  The  migration of approximately 10,000 km is thought to be the longest migration of any mammal.

The whales can reach a length of 52ft, a weight of 36 tons and an age of 60 years.  The California Gray Whale for as large as they seem to us, is just a mid size whale. They get their name both from the gray slate color of their skin as well as from the gray-white patterns left by parasites. The California Gray Whale is classified as a baleen whale because it filters its food out from large quantities of sea water.

The Gray Whales were the first to be protected – beginning in 1937. There were historically 4 different populations, but only two have survived and only 1 population is healthy. Unlike most nature stories you may hear, the story of the California Gray Whale is considered a success story. Having been  hunted almost to extinction, they have rebounded and now have an estimated population of 30,000 individuals.

Not only do we have the Gray Whales around San Diego, but it is also possible to see Orca (Killer) Whales, Blue Whales and others as well. Sighting of these are much rarer however.

Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to experience the grandeur of these magnificent creatures of the deep up close on your own private whale watching charter.

Gray Whales can reach a length of 52ft, a weight of 36 tons and an age of 60 years.  The California Gray Whale for as large as they seem to us, is really just a mid size whale. They get their name both from the gray slate color of their skin as well as from the gray-white patterns left by parasites.

The California Gray Whale is classified as a baleen whale because it filters its food out from large quantities of sea water. It feeds on small crustaceans from the ocean bottom that it dislodges by rolling on it side. It them swallows the surrounding water and filters the nutrients out.

The gray whale has no dorsal (top) fin, but does have a dorsal hump about 2/3 of the way back on its body followed by a series of 6-12 knuckles along the dorsal ridge that extend to the flukes.

Gray whales reach sexual maturity sometime after 5 years of age. Their gestation period is around 12 months and after birth calves nurse 7-8 months on milk that is 53% fat (human milk is 2% fat). One calf is born per mother every couple years.

Breathing patterns are generally blowing 3-5 times in 15-30 second intervals before raising its fluke and submerging for 3-5 minutes. A gray whale can stay submerged up to 15 minutes.

Blue Whales

The Blue Whales are probably the largest animal to have ever lived on the planet – they are 70 to 100 feet in length, can weigh over 100 tons and have a distinctly blue color. They are also very fast swimmers and can swim at 30 knots if they choose.

It is strange that the largest animal on the planet eat almost exclusively small, shrimp-like creatures called krill – about 4 tons of them each day when feeding. Since these whale are baleen whales they filter the krill out from massive amounts of water.

They reach sexual maturity at a similar age to the gray whales and have a slightly shorter gestation period. During nursing (a period of about 7 months) the calf consumes 100 gallons of milk a day and gains about 200lbs/day in weight.

Today there are about 15,000 blue whales which is less than 5% of their pre-whaling population. They are found in all oceans of the world.

Orca (Killer Whales – Shamoo)

Most people are familiar with Orca Killer Whales becausee of Sea Worlds’s Shamou. They are about 30 feet in lenght and have a very distinctive dorsel fin which is several feet tall. They have teeth and feed on a variety of animals such as fish, porpoises and seals.

Orcas do migrate, but not on fixed routes and tend instead to follow food supplies. They have no natural enemies but are having health issues because of chemicals in the other animals which they consume. Their populations are worldwide.

Orcas seem to have no fixed breeding season as calfs are observed throughout the year. They reach maturity much later than other whale species, not until 10 to 18 years of age.

Interestingly the sounds of each Orca pod are unique.

There are Orca whales off Catalina, but we have not heard of them close

Finback Whale

They are second to the gray whale in size measuring in at around 80 feet with Fin Whalea weight of aroudn 60 tons. They are long and sleek and like the gray whale are fast swimmers. Being also a baleen whale they coral fish in tight circles before engulfing them.

The reproductive data is about the same as the other whales but they only breed each 3 – 4 years. They are found in all oceans of the world and migrate. Their populations is about 40,000 – a small percentage of their origional population.

Humpback Whale

Humpbacks whales measure around 45ft in length and weigh about 40 tons. They are more rotund and not as sleek as some of the other whales mentioned. The upper part of their body is black with the underside being white or mottled.

They are know best for 2 traits. First they are very acrobatic and exhibit behaviors like breaching or swimming on their back. The second trait is that of their song. The males sing songs that last for approximately 15 minutes that may repeat for hours at a time.

They feed on krill or small fish and filter it using baleen – eating up to 1.5 tons of food each year. These whales are found in all the worlds oceans. Their populations is around 35,000 – about 1/3 of their original population.

Whale Watching Cruises Run Dec Through March

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