Health Benefits of Sailing

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Health Benefits of Sailing

sailing is healthy

Health Benefits of Sailing

Sailing is not only a fun activity to do with your friends and family on holiday, but it is also a great way to get fit and toned up. Manning a sailing boat is probably more hard work than you think, but the good news is that you are exercising without even realizing it, which is what makes it so fun!

Muscle strength and Endurance: The activities that sailing consists of are pulling and hosting of sails to maneuver a boat or a yacht- all of which adds to your muscle strength, shoulders and back.

Cardiovascular Fitness: Sports like running, swimming, basketball, and soccer have been shown to reduce the risk of hypertension, obesity and other heart illness. Sailing, like these other intense sports can also improve your cardiovascular health. This is because of the large amounts of oxygen uptake that happens when you engage in strenuous physical activities.

Mental Wellness and Peace: Being out on the water puts you on a good mood not just because of the calmness of the water but because of the saltiness of the air. The varying moods of a person are largely affected by a body chemical called serotonin. The saltiness of the sea air is composed of charged ions that helps in the body’s oxygen absorption which in turn results to a more balanced levels of serotonin. The more balanced your body’s serotonin levels are, the happier you’re going to be.

Relaxation: The motion and sounds of the swooshing and splashing of water, the rhythmic movement of the yacht and the sound of the wind in the sails can all affect brainwave patterns. This in turn relaxes and soothes a busy and highly stressed out mind.

Agility: The various tasks associated with sailing also helps improve your flexibility and agility. Activities like pulling lines or hosting sails can significantly improve your hand and eye coordination skills as well as your motor skills.

Concentration: Because many people today are chronic multi-taskers, they should develop a deep sense of concentration. With the ultimate goal of staying safe while on board, sailing enhances a person’s ability to focus even with multiple tasks at hand.

Communication: To effectively control a boat, the captain and his crew must act as unified unit. To do this they need to learn how to communicate effectively especially through non-verbal means. You can also have a good sense of cooperation and teamwork when you go on a sailboat. Everyone on board has a crucial role to play in order to keep the ship afloat.

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Sailing in San Diego is Less than Golf

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Sailing in San Diego is less than Golfing or Skiing!

Reasons Why Sailing in San Diego is Less than Golf!

sailing san diego bayIf you happen to have the wealth of a monarch (but lack self-control), you could easily spend your net worth on the sport of sailing. But a valid counterpoint is how smart, eager and creative paupers also go sailing, and they spend almost nothing for the privilege.

In fact, there is a strong case to be made that sailing is among the least expensive ways to have the most fun, ever invented.

Consider, for starters, that in 2009 (the most recent data I could find) Golfer Magazine estimated that the average golfer spends about $3,000 a year on golf. Skiers spend closer to $3,500 a year, according to data published in the Atlantic in 2012. Hunters spend, on average, about $3,200 dollars a year, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Piecing together publicly available facts from sailing industry sources; by comparison, each sailor spends half as much as golfers, skiers or hunters. This is based on a rough estimate that sailing generates about $6 billion in economic impact in the United States, including boats, gear, services, transportation, soft goods, storage, slips and moorings, taxes, destination tourism, consumables and charters. If you divide economic impact by the number of sailors making it—there are about 3.6 million of us—you can estimate the amount spent by each: $1,667 a year. “Sixteen hundred dollars,” you say? “That barely buys a new Cal 20 mainsail, including speed stripes and shipping.”

If the numbers seem implausible, you may be among the sailors who spend the most (as a group and as a percent of income). Middle and upper-middle class sailboat owners (mostly baby boomers) represent 40% of all sailors, we do 35% of all of the sailing, but we spend 54% of the dollars.

We buy most of the newly built and late model boats in the U.S. We occupy most of the marina space. We make up about 95% of club memberships, we reinvest in sails, electronics and safety equipment, and we pay insurance, interest, fees and taxes; in total contributing more than $3.2 billion dollars to annual gross domestic product through our sailing.

For this opportunity, we spend between $17 and $100 an hour, every hour that we sail, depending on taste, technique and target.

And this is why Sailing in San Diego is Less than Golf!

Learn Sailing in San Diego

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Learn Sailing in San Diego

Reasons to Learn Sailing in San Diego!

sailingConsidering taking up sailing? Well, there are many reasons why you should learn how to sail. Sailing is an invigorating sport that offers many rewards, not the least of which is that it’s simply so much fun. Imagine white sails billowing against a clear sky, the brisk feel of the breeze on your face, and the gentle motions of the boat as it cleanly slices through the water. Sailing aficionados often say that sailing is more than a sport—it’s a lifestyle.

While sailing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, it also requires you to be an active participant more than almost any other type of boating. When you learn how to sail, you’ll not only become intimately familiar with all aspects of your boat, but also how your boat relates to its environment in terms of everything from the wind to the weather. This is why learning how to sail can be so fulfilling and can foster such a sense of accomplishment.

It practically goes without saying that the active nature of sailing means that it can be terrific exercise for both you and any passengers who are inclined to help out. While sailing is an active endeavor that can involve its share of physical work, it can also be an incredibly relaxing pastime as well. Sailboats can be a terrific space for onboard entertaining, whether it’s enjoying a light lunch or simply passing the time with family and friends.

Learning how to sail doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you invest in a simple sailing course and start out learning on a small sailboat. One of the first things we’d recommend is for anyone looking to learn how to sail is that that they check out beginner sailing schools in their area.

Learn how to sail, and let’s go sailing today!